Voguestrap is setting the standard for accessories by offering a diverse range of products across multiple categories and infusing them with innovation, style, and fashion.




Voguestrap was founded in 1940 by Louis Greenwald, an orphan who had immigrated to the United States at the age of nine years old. To support himself, he started working at a very young age. After years spent working for several New York City leather factories, he made the bold move of opening a watch band factory on the Low East Side.


The new business was originally created to supply watch companies with OEM watch straps. His children Aaron and David joined the company in the 1960’s and helped to refocus the company as local manufacturing dwindled. They began to concentrate on the replacement band sector, selling their product to jewelry, mass-market, and drug chain outlets.


Over the years, Voguestrap has added Comfort Strap to offer mass-market selections. Kreisler, a brand that has been around since the 1930’s, was acquired in 2000 to offer high-quality leather replacement bands. In 2014, Smart Buddie was launched to meet the growing demand for smartwatch and wearable accessories. They have even expanded beyond watch bands into eyecare accessories with Beyond Optics.