You’re probably scratching your head thinking, aren’t the winter months a time when I have an excuse to stay inside, microwave some hot pockets, and chug eggnog. While some downtime is fine, don’t let winter stop you from living a healthy active life.  Below are some quick tips to help you move during these months when beach volleyball may not be an option.

Make the mall your gym. When taking a brisk walk outside is not an option, pay a visit to your local mall for some brisk walking. The average woman burns 300-400 calories during a 60-minute brisk walk! Just try not shop too much or your wallet may lose a couple pounds as well.

Clean the house. Why wait for spring cleaning? Do chores around the house, you will be surprised to see how many calories are burned by doing standard house activities. Check out , you can see how many calories you burn by simply cleaning the floors or doing laundry.

Dance, dance, dance. Dancing is a great way to have fun and keep in shape. Whether dancing the Hokey Pokey with the little ones or enjoying some Hip Hop or the Swing with a partner, dancing is one amazing way to keep in shape.

Wear your fitness tracker. Wearing a fitness tracker (such as Fitbit) allows you to keep track of your physical activity and will alert you when you become too passive. With great looking bands, (including Smart Buddie), fitness tracker can be fashionable as well!

Stay active with winter sports. Winter time brings a ton of options that are fun and produce a great workout. This includes ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing……. snowball fight anyone?