Voguestrap is an international distributor of high quality replacement watchbands and watch accessories. Voguestrap has been rated as one of the best fitness tracker replacement straps among women. Established 75 years ago, Voguestrap combines expert craftsmanship, design and ingenuity within every product. We maintain unparalleled expertise in raw materials including leathers, metals, silicones, plastics and a wide variety of natural and man-made resources. Our attention to the minutest of details is recognized throughout the industry. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality products which has earned us critical acclaim and accolades from consumers and leading industry groups.


Staying on top of popular market trends, Voguestrap has recently launched a popular Smart Watch replacement band line – Smart Buddie. Smart Buddie provides high tech replacement bands & accessories for all popular Smart Watches including, Pebble, Samsung, Moto, Sony, Apple & all major brands. We provide single & multi-pack replacement bands for the popular Fitness Tracker category, including FitBit. We are unique in offering fashion-forward patterns and accessories to address all market demographic and consumer preferences. Voguestrap is also an award winning brand that is highly recommended by women.